The Creative Spirit is the unifying principle that elevates consciousness to align with the identity of the true spirit self.  

As we learn to align all three forces we no longer succumb to the old structures of separateness and isolation but be one with source.

With inner connection established we ignite the fire of our spirit to lead our life and penetrate our light effortlessly in to the world.


All are welcome to receive individual training and mentoring.

Each session is 1 hour long.

Sessions are limited, all participants will need to contact Kefah for initial consultation.

Sessions are by donation, all contributions will go to opening and setting up the next School of Unified Healing.

Through each of us we can transform ourselves , each other, and the world. 

Kefah Bates was able to realise through her research that within exists a sacred formula that when awakened unlocks our higher potential effortlessly.  By aligning the governing forces of the Heart, Will and Creative Spirit we open portals of consciousness, that when activated, act upon our being in a similar way to planetary alignments.  What we receive is,

  • The release of a creative power that raises our consciousness towards an unlimited reality.
  • A unifying and universal awareness of the interconnected nature or the body, soul, and spirit.
  • An accelerated momentum that reveals the truest and highest experience of our unique expression.

your course leader

Kefah Bates

Kefah Bates has over 20 years experience working in the field of healing and empowerment in the UK.  During this time she ran a healing center and practiced as a Counsellor, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Mentor and is the Author of ‘Live The Life Of empowerment’, ‘Healing Truths’, and her latest 2023 release, ‘The 3 Keys To Spiritual Success’. 

Having settled in Bali the last few years, she has co-founded the School Of Unified Healing and focuses on teaching people on the essential aspects of Self-Governance, sharing knowledge on the true self and developing our higher potential.  Kefah offers her trainings on-line and in-person at our school.

Passionate about spiritual growth and its development she continues to teach, write and publish on the Mastery Of The Self, the Unified Self and Completion.