Our Approach
Find out what matters to us

our purpose

To heal, empower and unlock the potential in each individual.

our vision

To ignite curiosity and passion for self-healing, personal transformation, and deeper levels of wholeness.

our mission

  • To provide facilities, training and experiences that fulfil the needs of our communities empowerment.
  • To lower the barriers of access to self-discovery and inner exploration.
  • Develop new pathways that promote the nature of healing as an integral part of daily life.

our approach

We are committed to providing nurturing spaces that allow for deeper inner inquiry, the recognition of our true selves and the power we have to create. 

We understand that by developing one’s self-awareness that the truth will reveal itself through us naturally.  By understanding the multi-dimensional aspects of the whole and complete self, we recognize our higher potential. 

We believe that locked within the individual journey of inner transformation we grow the potential to seek harmony, health, and empowerment for the good of others, and the world.


David Graham And Kefah Bates

The co-founders of our School are spiritual teachers Kefah Bates and David Graham.  Having dedicated their lives in the pursuit of truth, healing and the nature of how we embody the true spirit self, they have made it their mission to construct a school that will support the development of higher understanding.  

For over 15 years Kefah has practiced as a counsellor, shamanic healer and spiritual mentor, facilitating individuals and groups through healing, trainings and courses.   In the last 5 years she has documented her research in transcending the limited self in the publication of 3 books, ‘Live the Life Of Empowerment’, ‘Healing Truths’ and her latest book ‘The 3 Keys To Spiritual Success’.  

Throughout his life David has developed advanced experience and knowledge in physical and mental detox, the healing process, higher consciousness, and meditation.  His ability to understand the human vulnerable condition and empower the self through it has left many in awe of his teaching.