taking you beyond your limits


taking you beyond your limits

leaders of personal and global development

Our vision is to make the access of healing, transformation, and wholeness available for all and to realise it as a necessity to creating the new world.


Dear Community,

We are grateful to share our FREE expanding community classes to you in a affordable and accessible way.

Our School vision is to provide you the opportunity to move beyond the limited self, and to offer healing, transformation and wholeness to all our community.

We encourage you to take this opportunity and be inspired in your path of self-discovery.

We ask all participants to join our one off registration and you can do this for free here https://forms.gle/M2sU3WmPW1wQE7eUA

Once you have registered there is no pre-booking for classes, you are able to sign in on site 15 mins before, no late arrivals are let in after 10 minutes of classes starting.

Classes can vary on the limit in number of participants and so we recommend early sign in.

our school

We aim to support our teachers and students by ensuring guidance and care on the journey of self-discovery.  We invite you to join us and take the step to immerse yourself in transformational learning. 

Co-Founders David Graham And Kefah Bates

Welcome From The Co-Founders David Graham & Kefah Bates

We are passionate about taking you beyond your limits.

This is a rare opportunity to explore your true self and find out how to achieve greater peace, love, and happiness.