One On One Sessions

Healing - Discover What's Blocking You

Difficult emotions, feelings or trauma surface in our life when it is necessary to clear our path.  What no longer serves us will rise and so it is essential to make the space to meet this energy in order to move towards our true purpose successfully.  Transforming these blocks allows us to move freely forward with deeper understanding and love.

This session will support you to open in a safe and empowering way, giving you what you need to face the challenges ahead of you.

  • Be guided to open, heal and find peace through crises or trauma.
  • Transform limited beliefs, negative patterns and toxic energy.
  • Find meaning at a time of chaos, confusion and struggle.

Your Experience

At the beginning of your session you will be asked guiding questions to make a clear intention that will support your process.  When you feel ready Kefah will choose the best way that you can reach this, either through inner journey work, interactive body work or channeling. 

  • One session $250
  • Two Sessions $470
  • Three Sessions $690
  • Four Sessions $880

Times and day are flexible depending on your and Kefah’s schedule.

For personal integration and comfort we recommend you bring:

  • A journal and something to write with.
  • Loose / comfortable clothing

With Kefah Bates
co-founder, healer, spiritual teacher & author

The co-founder of our School is spiritual teacher Kefah Bates.  Having dedicated her life in the pursuit of truth, healing and the nature of how we embody the true spirit self, she has made it their mission to construct a school that will support the development of how to love consciously and create from love.  

For over 15 years Kefah has practiced as a counsellor, shamanic healer and spiritual mentor, facilitating individuals and groups through healing, trainings and courses.   In the last 5 years she has documented her research in transcending the limited self in the publication of 3 books, ‘Live the Life Of Empowerment’, ‘Healing Truths’ and her latest book ‘The 3 Keys To Spiritual Success’.