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Level 3

Price: $300.00
Legal Disclaimer
The I AM Course emphasizes and engages in general educational well-being training, content and advice. We are not professionals, certified, trained to provide psychological interventions aimed at curing psychological illnesses. We expect you to use our products, services and content within the boundaries of your professional expertise and at your own risk. All advice on the I AM Course provides is ‘guidance only’ that should only be used/distributed within the bounds of your expertise. This does not guarantee any specific outcomes, measurable effect in relation to any exercise, or meditation aimed at improving well-being suggested by us alongside the course of work delivered. We have no liability for any consequence of any action taken by the user relying on the basis of any content delivered or any information provided on this course. You must seek independent psychological and medical advice for any psychological and medical issue faced. Any specific information provided on The I AM Course on any of your requests and any information obtained or materials downloaded from our website is completely out of your own volition and any transmission, receipt, or use of this Site does not create any client relationship between you and us.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that life happens and sometimes plans change. We aim to accommodate these changes as best we possibly can by setting out fair and reasonable terms for booking and cancelling our course allowing customers time to change their minds while ensuring an event is still viable to go ahead.

We endeavour to make our cancellation and refund policy transparent – ensuring it’s available before booking, at the time of booking, and on your confirmation receipt – enabling you to make an informed decision. Please read this carefully. Then you shall be eligible for a refund as per the below terms.

How the cancellation of a Course works?
When you inform us? How much you will be refunded
7 or more days prior to the start of the Course 100% Refund
6 days to 48 hours prior to start of the Course 70% Refund Or You an Choose To Go On To A Later Course
After the course has begun You can pause the course one-time only and resume at a later point in time when suitable.
However, you will not be eligible for a refund.