The Power Of Will
Level II - 2 Day Intensive


Through Level I we established deeper connection to the heart self, creating the foundation for higher work.

The most important force at this time is to develop the will. This is because without strengthening the will to serve the heart we can be overcome by distractions and outer collective force’s that overwhelm us.

In Level II you are given the opportunity to learn how to harness the will, the driving force of how you create in your life.  Learning how to direct your attention is essential if you are to transcend to higher levels and focus on that which serves you.

This intensive training guides you to break through the illusion that you are a victim of your circumstances, that you cannot manifest your truth or that you must live your life under pressure than from love.  This course wills you to become the greater version of yourself.

Receive :

  • Access and guidance over the course plus 1 month further on how to utilise the membership pages that offer you INTRODUCTORY to ADVANCED study resources on all aspects of freeing the limits of the self, that includes a library of audios, video and articles.
  • Guidance on daily practice and journaling.
  • Tailored guidance to your personal circumstances.
  • One to one session during the course.
  • On-going email support for any questions and sharing of your process with Kefah Bates.
  • Go on towards Level 3 onsite or one on one online.

what you need to know

  • To Be Confirmed IDR K
  • Registration and payment are to be made at reception on arrival, please ensure you arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before the course start time to complete this process.
  • Time to be arranged.
  • The 2 day program is delivered Saturday – Sunday
  • 1 month free access to Self-Governance Online Membership area.
  • A two-day training consisting of group-led talks, meditation, and practices.
  • A nourishing vegan/vegetarian lunch and snacks.
  • Unlimited refreshing drinks.
  • Free Wifi

For personal integration and comfort we recommend you bring:

  • A journal and something to write with.
  • Loose / comfortable clothing

your course leader

Kefah Bates

Kefah Bates has over 20 years experience working in the field of healing and empowerment in the UK.  During this time she ran a healing center and practiced as a Counsellor, Shamanic Healer, Spiritual Mentor and is the Author of ‘Live The Life Of empowerment’, ‘Healing Truths’, and her latest 2023 release, ‘The 3 Keys To Spiritual Success’. 

Having settled in Bali the last few years, she has co-founded the School Of Unified Healing and focuses on teaching people on the essential aspects of Self-Governance, sharing knowledge on the true self and developing our higher potential.  Kefah offers her trainings on-line and in-person at our school.

Passionate about spiritual growth and its development she continues to write and publish on Self-Governance, the Unified Self and Completion.